Human Test on Contact Form - Issues on Mobile

Greetings! I’ve had an ongoing issue with the Human Test on the contact form.

If I put in a number test…for example 7 + 3 and then the visitor puts in 10 - then I am inundated with spam at a rate of about one every 30 seconds. As result, if I use the number, I have to check spam frequently throughout the day to even find legitimate emails from enquirers.

On the other hand, if I write out the human test in words instead of a number - for example, what colour do you get when you combine red and yellow, and then the visitor puts in orange - then anyone trying to use the contact form from a mobile phone simply can’t do it. Works just fine on a laptop and tablet, but does not work on a mobile.

I’ve tried asking for the first letter to be capitalised…it doesn’t work. I’ve tried asking for the first letter to not be capitalised. That doesn’t work either.

Any ideas how I can fix the mobile issue, or am I really stuck with a tsunami of spam? As it is, ALL emails from this contact page have gone exclusively to my spam folder. Nothing I can do seems to fix that. But a spam folder with a few things in it is manageable whereas I can’t cope finding emails from the contact page in an ocean of about 45,000 spam messages a day.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Happy Sunday @Bonny

I’m surprised to hear you’re having spam problems like that. I’ve got a few forms setup with both Form and From Pro using just the human test and have not had spam issues.

The human test is setup to use numbers only right now, this is why the text is not working. I should make this clear in the documentation. Numbers were used as they don’t have the problem of being case sensitive or language dependent.

As for emails going to your spam folder --This isn’t something the stack has any control over unfortunately. You’ll want to talk to your host about this to see if they can help with this.

Thank you for getting back to me on this. Much appreciated. It looks like a case where I am being targeted so I’ll see if my host can help me with this.

Hi Adam,
Our clients are also inundated with SPAM (we have almost 10 websites now running on the Rapid Weaver platform using Foundry stack) and we are using the human test in Form Pro. I’ve considered adding the text message with a color like Bonny, but her problem with mobile stops that idea in its tracks. Thank goodness I saw this discussion before trying it. It would have been hard to figure out why users could not submit forms.

Is there another way to solve this?

Hi, could you check if the SPAM is originated by the Form Pror if the e-mail address is visible elsewhere. E. g. in the domain directories or the legal notices?

To be sure, I would use an extra-mail-address just in the form which has not been used anywhere else and see if the SPAM continues. Or add a pre-defined subject in the Form Pro field so you know the SPAM has arrived from the form?


Hello Jan,

I’ll know soon as I’ve just whitelisted my webform with my email server, so if the spam originates from the form, then my inbox will be flooded. I’ll let you know!

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Hello again Jan - I will try the pre-defined subject in the pro-form - that’s a good idea.

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I can confirm that the spam originates from the Form Pro on my website. I made a dedicated subject line and I immediately got a spam email with the new subject line.

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@Bonny Send me an email so I have your email address and when I get into the office I’d like to send you a beta of something I’ve been working on for the next release of Potion Pack. I think perhaps this could help with your problem in Form Pro.

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I sent you an email. Thanks!

Hmmm, not seeing anything here. I am assuming you sent it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com but I realize I didn’t mention where to send it. If that isn’t where you sent it, try that address. Heck you can even send a DM here on the forum.

Just looked back through my archived emails and saw I had an old email from you. Will send to that address! Coming to you now.

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I am all set now as I received a response to my email. Thank you for your help!


Hello Foundriers,
I’m having the same Spam problem using Form Pro. Maybe 50 spams per day. I can still remove them manually, but I would prefer something cleaner. I don’t really see a solution in this topic. Is there something I can do to get rid of these spams please ? Thank you :innocent:

Good morning @ThunderFred

What version of Potion Pack do you currently have installed and published to your site?

Hello Adam, thanks for your message.
I’m running everything with the latest version
Rapidweaver 8.6.2
Stacks 4.0.4
Form Pro 2.0.6

Can you send us a URL to the live page please?

You’ve either got some pretty crafty bots, or simply have humans filling out your form to spam you I suspect. Form Pro v2 has a “honey pot” trap for bots in that should trick the majority of bots out there. This is on by default in Form Pro v2.x.

Thanks for your answer Adam.
Here are some of the pages affected

Best regards.

Your form does indeed have the “honey pot” hidden field present on your page. I’m not sure there is much more I can do for you here unfortunately. That hidden field should catch the majority of bots. Bots like to fill out all fields. The form wants this field to be blank. If it isn’t blank then the form does not send. It literally does nothing. Between that and a “human test field” both being active it sounds more like humans filling out your form perhaps.

Thank you for your time Adam… By the way, good job on Gravitate :wink: I love it

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