Human Validation to show content

Our website uses a Stripe plugin to send credit card data to Stripe (Yuzool product). It works well but doesn’t require any validation. There doesn’t appear to be a way to implement a reCaptcha etc without having to rewrite (read, break) the stack so I’m looking for ways to possibly “hide” the stack until some type of human validation has been performed.

I’ve seen a few stacks that have this feature, but all are essentially contact forms and wouldn’t actually modify the page content in any way. I’ve looked at the Peekaboo stack from Joe Workman which can hide content until a “link” is selected, but that’s still not quite taking it far enough. Siphon has a human validation feature with a button, but the button only sends an email . . . it can’t be made into a link.

The site is built on Foundry so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I don’t believe there are any Foundry stacks to handle this requirement as most “hide or show stacks” are for breakpoints, not context. I’ve posted this question on the Rapidweaver forum site as well, but no replies to date.

Thank you.

Another option might be to use the Joe Workman Peekaboo stack to hide the form, and then integrate a reCaptcha “form” that doesn’t send an email, but instead “goes” to a link that triggers the Peekaboo.

However, I haven’t had any luck getting reCaptcha to work for me. Must be above my abillity.

A reCaptcha “stack” would be incredibly useful. I can’t believe no one has developed one yet.

I’ve not received any information on this issue either here or on the RapidWeaver forums. While I’ve enjoyed working with Rapidweaver for many years, I think I’ve finally run up against it’s limitations. I think it’s time I start seriously considering Wordpress. I know all of the negatives, but I need a tool that offers these kinds of features.

I don’t know if it will work for what you need or not, but have you looked at SiteLok? @mitchellm swears by it!

I’ve considered using SiteLok (I actually own it) but this is a situation where the users are actually one time guest users, so even if I put the payment page behind a “lock”, once in someone could still just run card after card after card without there being a way to make EACH transaction require a captcha, etc.

I’m not sure I follow everything you’re trying to do, but you might look at Cartloom. Perhaps it could cover what you’re wanting to do. Honestly it sounds like you might be looking for something kind of custom.

I’m not sure SiteLok can help you in this case. But I may be wrong. Email the developer: Adrian. He is very good at quickly responding to questions. (He lives in England so is probably already asleep at this point.) Here’s the email to use:

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Actually, after a little more thought I’ve sent an email to Adrian. What MIGHT be possible is just hiding the payment page behind a ReCaptcha SiteLok page that doesn’t require a username/password combo . . . just the validation. Allow the user to then access the payment page and then upon submission redirect back to the homepage, etc. which would force another validation to access the payment form again.

I’m not certain this is how SiteLok works, but if so would be enough to stop the behavior we are seeing.