Hurricane headed my way

Just a heads up to everyone – We have a hurricane headed our way down here in Florida. We could possibly, and most likely will lose power. The question will be for how long. With the forecasters predicting it will be a category 4 hurricane by the time it gets here things could be rough, even for those of us inland. Hoping for the best, but wanted let you all know in case I’m not as fast to answer posts here as normal for a few days.

Stay safe Adam! Hope you weather the storm.

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Thanks man! Will do. Hope to get a good deal of work in today before it hits late tonight.

Yes by all means stay safe. Nothing is more important!


Will do. It is moving up the coast slower than we’d expected so I’m getting a few things done here and there. But I will say, it is scaring us with its odd looping path…

Hang in there Buddy! Hoping it won’t be too bad for you. Best of luck! :white_sun_rain_cloud:

Thanks @David! We’re doing well so far. Have a long day ahead. Lost one of the trees in our backyard, but doing well so far otherwise.

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We just left your fair state on Monday. Loved our visit, always do, may even retire in FL.

You all are in our prayers!

We’re doing well here. Will get out and inspect the house today, but I think all we had was a downed tree in our backyard. Will see if we can get it back upright if its trunk didn’t snap. Back to normal work schedule Monday hopefully.

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