Hyperlink problem with Orbit

Hi All,

I am using the Elixir Orbit Stack with Rapidweaver 8, as an image and content slider. Love the stack! My content is a heading stack and an image stack. The heading text is hyperlinked, the image is hyperlinked also. The hyperlinks go to other pages in my website.

The content is sliding nicely. However the hyperlinks don’t function in Chrome. Specifically:

  • Hyperlinks work fine within the Rapidweaver project in visualization mode.
  • Hyperlinks work fine in a live website on a Firefox browser.
  • Hyperlinks do not work using Chrome nor Brave (shields up or down).
  • Using Chrome or Brave, hyperlinks work fine when using a right click to open link in new window.

Any ideas on a solution or workaround, or if this is my own misundertanding?

Cheers and thanks.

Good morning @grahamwise

Welcome to the community!

A link would help us out to see what might be going on. In addition, if you can, send me a ZIP file containing the following items:

  • A copy of your project file
  • Any non-Elixir stacks or themes you’re using for the problem page

With those things and your live URL it will allow me to start troubleshooting your issue.

Looks like @grahamwise also emailed me over night and provided a link in the email.

I just took a look and the problem is something being caused by Chrome. Orbit has touch controls for swiping through the slides on mobile devices. Chrome has apparently changed at some point and is interpreting those swipes on desktop devices with the mouse. So essentially it thinks your click is the start of a click and drag to change slides. This means it doesn’t let you click anything in the slide because it is interpreting this as a click and drag instead. Thanks Chrome.

That said I’m going to email a test of an update over to @grahamwise now and see if disabling the swipe feature will work out.

Thanks Adam, That is awesome service support. Using your update download, hyperlinks from content presented in Orbit work fine in Chrome and Brave and the original functionality has not changed. The download you sent me is a perfect solution. I will be sure to send additional thanks to Chrome for inducing this problem.
Mil gracias

Glad to hear that clears up the Chrome problem. I’ll get this out to everyone in a wider release in the coming days.

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