I am curious about Elixir's stand on a standalone Stacks app?

Hi Elixir,

Is it OK to ask for your stance on the news that Isaiah and Joe Workman have been publicly talking about for the last few days? As in: will Foundry make the jump to Stacks.app?


Hi Erwin,

As I said on rw4all, I’ve spoken with Adam. Relax, your investment (time & money) is perfectly safe. The Stacks.app will support all existing stacks (and Foundry is a bunch of stacks).

Also, I’m sure Realmac are acutely aware of the need to continue to support the enormous installed base of stacks, so I’m sure they have that in their plans.



Good morning @Erwin-Leerentveld

Happy Saturday to you and others who are interested in this topic!

I’ve not spoken on this topic yet because I’m not a principal player in the situation at hand. I neither own or develop the RapidWeaver or Stacks tools themselves. Those are handled by Dan and Isaiah respectively. I’ve felt it isn’t my place to talk about their apps and plans for the future of their platforms or business decisions. They’ll do that publicly when they see fit. At that time, once public announcements have been made I can weigh in a bit more.

BUT – I can speak to what you’re asking specifically though. And the answer is pretty simple, believe it or not. I will continue to do what I’m doing now, building and improving Foundry, Alloy, and other .stacks addons like Gravitate, Flat Button, et. al. as well as creating new addons and themes.

You phrased your question though such as I believe you’re trying to figure out if I’m choosing sides, correct?

As I understand it from Isaiah no “jump” is necessary for the continuation of my tools to work within his planned standalone version of Stacks. All of my current addons will continue to work, whether that is in the plugin version of Stacks found in RapidWeaver now, or a standalone application.

Additionally it has been said publicly, in a comment reply by Dan in the RapidWeaver Community, that .stacks addons will be included in RapidWeaver v9. This would indicate that you’ll be able to continue to use Foundry and my other .stacks there as well.

I can’t speak to what the features of these apps are or will be, how they will handle your current sites, etc. That information is not something I’m currently privy to as I don’t have beta copies of either to test at this time. I am sure both developers will provide more details as they move along in development.

Your investment in Foundry, and my other stacks addons, is still quite solid and I look forward to many, many more years ahead developing and improving these products, and bringing them to as many people as possible! In fact I’m working hard on lots of major Foundry updates even now! Though I can say that the events in the community over this past few weeks or so have had me a bit distracted.


Hi @elixirgraphics (Adam),

Thank you very much for responding!

First things first: I’m not trying to figure out if you (or anyone else) is picking sides; that’s really none of my business. I apologise if the framing of my question made it sound like that was my goal.

What I am trying to figure out, is if my investment (in both time and money) will turn out to have been a future proof one.

I LOVE Foundry and own it and the Potion- and Thunder packs. Whichever platform they’re on, I will follow.

But I’m also invested in Axyn Tech’s EcwidPro set of stacks, Sitelok and a number of other premium stacks (from Joe, Stacks4Stacks, 1LD, RWExtras etc.) that I currently use or plan to use in combination on future projects. What I’m afraid of, is division: one dev making their stacks usable on RW9 only, while another becoming “Stacks.app” only.

Your answer, and the replies by others on mainly RW4All, have put my mind to ease though. Thank you for that.

It looks like “division” is not something to worry about for the immediate future because of backward compatibility.



Hi Adam. I was first to comment on Dan’s news regarding RW9 Elements on the RW forum. I am on the fence in regards to purchasing Foundry 2. Do you foresee any announcements/developments that may from Elixir soon? Will you be giving discounts to people in the future who purchase Foundry now?

so nervous :scream:


Not sure what announcements you’re looking for. I stated about that the status quo is remaining the same. I’m continuing my work on Foundry and the rest of my products.

What is there to be nervous about? I’m not understanding.

As mentioned above in my post:

In addition I also said:

So I’m not sure what there is to worry over. As I mentioned I’m still hard at work on Foundry as we speak…

As for your question on discounts –

What are you talking about here? Why would I be giving discounts in the future in connection with RW 9 or Stacks as a standalone app? I’m very confused. Foundry is going to continue on as it has been.


Here’s a bit of an update on things, as well as a space for you all to ask questions you might have.