I have stack names with no icon in the stack list

New with Rapidweaver - just installed Foundry, Thunder Pack, Potion Pack and Alloy pack. On the stacks list there are names with no icons attached, are these spaces for stack that are not yet purchased? Or should each name have an icon?
Have opened and closed Rapidweaver but it does not show the missing icons.


Hey there @Frank-UK – Don’t forget to do a search before posting. Most times it will save you some time. Give this thread a read:

Many thanks - sorry did a search but did not find that.

Not a problem. That should sort out your problem. Honestly, the ability to show hidden stacks is a feature I don’t think needs to exist. It is really only helpful to developers, IMO. And in all the years I’ve been doing this I’ve literally never needed that feature for anything.

That was it - feel free to delete this post if you want to keep things tidy on the forum.


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