I made an edit and now markdown not working correctly

Oh lord!
I added Alloy blog to my clients site and she made a first post and sent link out to all her clients.

I checked her post and it looked great … except that there were a couple of random #* symbols befoe an image she had added so I thought I’d just hop in there and delete them for her.

I did … and somehow totaly screwd the entire thing up.
Now the markdown doesnt work and anything that had been a header just shows up as **
and images as the links etc.
HELP! I dont know how to fix it!

My draft post (which I have not edited) also has gone crazy. No formatting and the ** markdown does not have any effect . I have no idea what I have done as it was working perfectly

I have encounter this problem when I mix html code (here via Giphy) and markdown markup.
Try to had more space after the giphy code.
Hope that helps.

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Or try and use a direct link using the markdown syntax to the giphy

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I would try and edit the post again. I got it to look fine in my test. I believe your hash and asterisk need to have a space between the items. Use the preview pane to see the changes before publishing.

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Do not use an iFrame for the embed. Use the responsive embed code provided by Giphy.

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Thanks so much for the help.

I remade the post and used responsive embed code provided by Giphy.

I left space… It looks perfect in the preview panel so I published … only for it to be bad again. (No formatting and images show only as link address http: etc

All unformtted with no images even though they were viewable in preview.

I have deleted the Giphy … and all works and the images come back. So DEFF its Giphy!

But I do need to make them work if possible … as she really wants to use them

Could you simply download the GIF file from Giphy and then upload it in Alloy like any other image?


That worked perfectly… Yipppeeeeeee!

Incase anyone needs to know:
Control click on the selected Giphy
Choose: Save As (.gif)
Then in the blog just add as an image


Probably better this way, as you’re hosting the image on your own server now.


Yes much better. THANKS.