I will comprehend the tesla pro

Hello there,

I use RapidWeaver 8.9.3 Tesla Pro is the frame I ‘ve chosen.

I have a late 2010 macbook 13” and the OS is the 10.12.6 standing in this configuration! I know, it is old but not to old.

I have few questions-requests.

  • Every-time I try to search a document from the folder from resources the application crashes down;
  • I have bought some stacks I can not make them working one of those is Indexer. I thought it would work to add the Search button on my web site gstvirtualbank.it - I can not make it working.
  • do you have any suggestion to improve my web site with what I bought already?

I thank you very much and I be waiting for your reply,

best regards


Hi @gstvb.it – I believe you’re more looking for the main Realmac Forum for these questions as they’re relating to the app itself and not the theme.

This is related to the app. If you need to report a bug with the RapidWeaver app or get assistance with the app itself, you’ll want to contact Realmac Software’s support (support@realmacsoftware.com).

These are not products that I sell or support. You’ll want to reach out to the developer(s) who created them to get support with those items.

Thanks a lot,
I can see, your are doing other things!
Best Regards I will contact the appropriate support.