Icon Font and hosting

Hi there,
I’m wondering if the font awesome symbols are part of my project file on my server. As I understand it, it’s included in the Stacks Plug-in. The rest of the Fonts I use are self hosted with the Type Face stack.
I just want to make sure, all files are self hosted.

There are preference settings for Stacks which tell it whether to use CDN’s for things like jQuery, FontAwesome, etc. You’ll have to check your settings to determine whether yours are self-hosted (CDN unchecked), or not.

In Stacks 5, the settings are accessed via a preferences button in the toolbar area of Stacks pages. I believe the preferences were accessed at the bottom of the Stacks library in prior versions.

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Thanks a lot, that was of great help. So now I know the CDN is unchecked, and I don’t have to do anything! The Preferences in Rapid Weaver Classic are on top, right hand side of the page.

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