Identify Image used in Foundry


Is it possible to identify an image placed in Foundry. I can see the thumbnail in the inspector but don’t know it’s title. I have tried control click, no joy.

I am trying to find the best resolution for an image and so have multiple copies.

Any suggestions welcome.


This would be a Stacks related question unfortunately and not one specific to Foundry as Foundry doesn’t do any image handling. It is all done by the Stacks plugin. That said, I don’t believe there is a way to do that, as Stacks renames the image when imported. You could check with @Isaiah at YourHead Software though. He might have a course of action for you. I can’t be sure though.

It depends a little on the type of image. There are three different types of images inside of Stacks – so depending on the what/where some images have a bit more customization than others.

Here’s the short answer: try double clicking. That works on most image stacks.
If that doesn’t work, then it’s probably a site image – and you can edit the filename in the RapidWeaver Resources window.

But here’s the long answer with lots of fun details… :smiley:

The new way – Site Images

You can tell the image is a Site Image because it will say “Site Image” in the title-bubble of the stack.
In Stacks 4 we introduced Site Images. Site Images link to a RapidWeaver project resource. This is a huge step up from how we did things previously. It allows one single image to be shared across many pages, only be uploaded a single time to the central project resources, and only need to be downloaded once by your visitors.
To edit the details of a Site Image you should edit the project resource itself.
Open the Resources window in RapidWeaver and Ctl-Click on the images there.

Not many frameworks or 3rd party stacks are using Site Images yet – so if you’re using a Foundry, then there’s a good chance you’re NOT using a Site Image.

The old way – Image Stack

Old images are part of the page (instead of being part of the site itself). You can edit their properties simply by double clicking them. The properties, like the file name, and export format can be changed there.
There is one exception – GIF images. RapidWeaver doesn’t have a built-in GIF image exporter – so with GIF images we just have to leave them alone.

Image Properties – In the sidebar

Some stacks also have image properties – a place where you can drop an image into the sidebar settings along with all their other settings. Image properties are designed to be as hands-free and automatic as possible. Stacks exports them in a way that ensures their file-names never overlap (even if you drop the images with the same name into many properties) and always save in their original size and format.

Hopefully that little explainer helps to clear it up a bit.


Thank you for the detail Isaiah. Site Images is awesome. Should be helpful to decide how to use images. Site Images, is not being used by Foundry 1? I kinda already thought that was the way things were working in F1. The pre-release vids reveal Foundry 2 introduces more linked image choice. Will Foundry 2 use Site Images as described by Isaiah also? Why would one be preferred over the other? Would love a bit of expounding on this subject from @elixirgraphics. Maybe needs a new thread.

If you’re wanting to use a site image stack that comes with Stacks v4 you can definitely do that! It’ll work just fine.

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Hi Adam & Isaiah,

thanks for the answers. Apologies for not following up earlier.
I have upgraded to stacks 4 but the site was not made using it.

OK I have an image used in a foundry image stack.

Double clicking on the image does nothing.

The image is in the resources window but as there are two copies of the same image at different levels of sharpening and resolution. How do I tell which one is used in the page?

There doesn’t appear to be any way of identifying an image in a stack. Once placed the file name is not displayed any where. double clicking or control click on the image in the stack or in the inspector doesn’t result in anything. And in site resources there is no indication of where the image is used.

Not sure if this is relevant to anyone else But I sure would like some way of identifying the image used in the page.