Image change with droplet

In Foundry 2…

Can I change an image using droplet? Image with a link, to be more specific.

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@zambokneeHave a look at this documentation page on the Alloy site. It talks about how to make use of Droplets, including using Images. That page includes a tutorial video as well.

Thanks Adam. Tried but got this:

Tried putting the droplet tag in a Pop Box 2 stack AND just a regular image (elixir) stack on the page but didn’t work out.

Here’s how it looks in Editor…

Droplets are just pieces of text. If you just insert them into a text element like a paragraph you’re going to get text. The droplet tag needs to be used in an image based tool, whether in the Alloy specific settings in Foundry 2, or just in a remote image URL field. You have to use them as shown in the tutorial video. Did you watch through the video on the page I linked to above?

Here’s a relevant section from that video:

NO spaces in filenames. NO special characters.

Image filenames MUST be web-safe.

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Thanks @jacksona . Looks like I had a space in the file name.
Thanks Adam @elixirgraphics