Image Display Advice Needed

People who use my stuff post unsolicited testimonials and success stories on Facebook and other antisocial media sites. I want to start using these posts to generate more interest and traffic on a new website.

Obviously, the posts are text, but to show they’re genuine, I made them all screenshots. I’ve now got 150 real humdingers and I’m looking for advice on the best stack to use to showcase them creatively and attractively.

I have Foundry 2, Potion Pack, Thunder Pack, and Gravitate. Your input will be much appreciated.

Personally, I think you’re losing a lot of potential SEO ‘juice’ by turning text into images in this way. I’d suggest looking into something like the Word Up service from Shaking the Habitual (Introducing Word Up - a fully automated ‘social proof’ platform! - RapidWeaver - RapidWeaver Support Forum) or using a Facebook Comments stack to bring the reviews into the site.

If you’re using the comments on social media to drive people to your site then I’d look into ways of encouraging them to click through from the social media review to your website - perhaps a small discount code if you can detect they’ve come from FB or wherever? Just a thought.



Thanks for your response, Rob, but I have almost 3,000 different items, and this wouldn’t work for me.