Image File Names - Alt Text

I have been reading a few things - including this on Moz - about the importance to SEO of giving images both file names and alt text.
With Stacks Image I could enter both in the inspector.
Using Foundry Image or Card Image, I can only see how to enter alt text.
Is it correct that I can’t give an image a file name in Foundry Image or Card Image?

The file name is generated by Stacks in this case. The method used for images in Foundry is so that the stack can have control over sizing and manipulating the image when necessary. I don’t believe Stacks allows me to change the filename when using it in this way.

That being said, you can use the standard Image stack that comes with the Stacks plugin within Foundry. You’re not limited to using the Foundry Image stack. :+1:

I think it should be possible to use a custom name for the image filename - it is important fo SEO. This way I cannot use your module. :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Foundry doesn’t rename the image, the Stacks plugin does that, which is not in my control. If you’d like to see that change made to Stacks I encourage you to contact the Stacks developer about it.