Image in Resources used multiple times load once or each time?

Hi all,

I have an image that will be used a multiple of times and had planned to place it in Resources and then use that one image so it only loads once on the site but from what I have be reading it doesn’t work that way.

Is there a way so that the image isn’t loaded multiple times?

I am using the standard Image stack in Foundry but that doesn’t have an option to use warehoused images.

Any thoughts please on best image or gallery stack for this purpose.

Cheers Scott

Stacks 4, which is in public beta, treats images the way you’re describing. Otherwise, that is the way RW and Stacks 3 utilized images. Check out the beta, it is stable but, could contain bugs.

Hi Steve, great thanks… great work from the Stacks team as a very important feature.

I’ll wait for the full release of Stack 4 as need it to work 100% for clients website.

Cheers Scott

I wonder if this will be automatically changed by the Stacks 4 update so that the same images don’t load more than once.

Might just need to “mark all pages and resources as changed” and “republish all”…hopefully with the Stacks 4 update it will be that simple.

Unfortunately no. You’ll have to remove and then add the images back. There still is a legacy of how the images are handled.

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