Image Problems with Alloy


I am having problems with images in Alloy Blogs. I have deployed Alloy into two sites, one that seems to be working fine and the other that doesn’t handle the images. I spent a lot of time trying to debug this, but I’ve rather run out of ideas.

So, here is what I know.

  1. I’m operating on Apache with PHP 7.3
  2. The text part works but the images don’t upload into the image-uploads directory
  3. Ownership of the image-uploads directory is set correctly for Apache
  4. Permissions are 755, which seems right.
  5. Alloy deploys the image-uploads and posts directories if they do not exist.

Now for the Errors, and I get loads and loads of them.

When uploading images I get 319 lines of errors in Apache’s Error Log. I won’t put them in here but the highlights seem to be:

PHP Notice: Undefined variable: currentPage in /var/www/SITEROOT/index.php on line 122
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/SITEROOT/WB-Editor/index.php:0
PHP Notice: Undefined index: category in /var/www/SITEROOT/WB-Editor/index.php on line 219
and so on…

Particularly interesting midway through the error report:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function imagecreatetruecolor() in /var/www/SITEROOT/WB-Editor/files/upload.php:59\nStack trace:\n#0 /var/www/SITEROOT/WB-Editor/files/upload.php(98): resize_crop_image(90, 60, ‘/tmp/phpG20FCy’, ‘/var/www/testin…’)\n#1 {main}\n thrown in /var/www/SITEROOT/WB-Editor/files/upload.php on line 59

I have deleted all the files in the SiteRoot and then republished the whole RapidWeaver site, only to get the same behaviour.

I have checked out the instructions several times and I just cannot see where I could have got things so wrong. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be very grateful.

Cheers, Barry

Have you checked to ensure your site URLs in both the publishing settings and the general settings are correct for this particular site? They must all be filled in and correct.


Thank you for your reply. I have just checked that the URLS in the Publishing Settings and the general settings are correct. I was hoping for a quick fix.

Can you think of anything else to try?

Thank you, Barry

Troubleshooting problems on someone else’s computer and server is unfortunately not something can, or probably should be done too quickly if you want to get it fixed right.

One thing you can check quickly is to ensure that your Editor page is a top level folder and not the home page of the site. I don’t know where your Editor is since I don’t have a live URL, so this is just a general catchall recommendation.

If that isn’t a problem, I’ll need a copy of your project file that is causing you trouble in order to move forward. Send it to me inside of a ZIP file. Since project files are large you’ll need to send it via a service like WeTransfer. You can send the WeTransfer download link you get to: adam at elixirgraphics dot com

It would also be useful to have the following:

  • A link to the live Blog Posts page.
  • A link to the live Editor page.
  • A set of credentials for me to log into the Editor.

You can include those things in the same email as the project file.