Image sizing without resource image?

Just about to build a website using the Agency project for a client.

If I remember right, this didn’t come with any images, how do I go about getting the diamensions of the images used, so I can replicate the layout using the same propotion/image.
If I use x-sizer it of course changes as I enlarge the window/and the rescource folder is empty, and I can’t drag them off the framework.

Some used are square while others arn’t.
This maybe simple, but its got me stumped, sorry.

Cheers Jon



Agency is designed really to be a sample to help you figure out how use Flux. That said the images should fill the spaces they’re assigned. This is part of the way the project was built. Experiment and drop images of all shapes and sizes in to see what I mean. Your final sizes will depend on what looks good to you in the end. Sizing images and compressing them can be trial and error to make sure you get something as small as possible but that still looks good.

Thats bascially what I was trying to do, and have already done (dropping images in etc). But thought a starting point with a rough image size would help, speed things up etc., if they can’t be pulled out of the file, I’II look at doing it another way. I fully understand the cropping on different media, so thats down to me picking the right images. Thanks for the quick reply Adam.
Cheers Jon