Image upload function seems not to work in editor

I am unable to upload images via the Alloy editor - I have all the latest plugins. If I upload an image manually I am able to choose that image but otherwise something is preventing me from doing it via the editor. Are you able to assist?

Have you been able to upload images via the Alloy editor in the past? Have you made any changes to your RW file recently?

Hi there @rhammett – A few questions to try and narrow in on your problem…

  • Are you getting an error message of any kind?
  • Who is your web host?
  • What version of PHP is your server running?

Thanks for your replies - I originally installed Alloy before the latest release of the editor and it appears that on upgrading the plugin the RW project must have been corrupted. On restoring an older version and rebuilding the blog from scratch it has all come good.

Awesome. Good to hear! Glad you got it all sorted out. :+1:

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