Images are in the correct folder but are not showing on line site

images that I upload into alloy 3 via drag and drop are not showing on the live site.
the live site is on
the folder “dev” contains all alloy related folders like image-uploads, embeds, blog etc.
when I go to the live site where the image should appear, I only see a missing image icon. when I inspect the URL for that missing image it refers to (not
why is that?

I refer to in RW/general settings
in publishing settings I refer to and for “path” I refer to /dev/

I want to stay in dev for the moment and when all is working I want to switch to without the need to re-do all my blog posts, droplets and embeds
what is the best way to do this?

The folders for posts, droplets, embeds and images are created at the top level of your site so that Alloy has access to them through the use of the Stacks and RapidWeaver API paths in an easy way. This also makes sure that these folders are in an easy to use and discover location for users. This is by design.

Also, your Editor page needs to be at the top level of pages and should not be nested within other pages. I suspect this is something you might have done as well.

this is what it looks like on the server

as said before:
these folders are all inside a folder named “dev”

but the image links are all referring to the root level. and there is no “image-uploads”. so the images do not show on the live site…

They are in the appropriate location. This is where they’re supposed to be. Your Editor folder needs to be at this location, too.

I am not sure what caused the trouble but in some way it had to do with the structure of folders on the webspace. I think, I have sorted this somehow…

but unfortunately I notice another weird behaviour regarding the embeds:
I have created a couple of embeds without any issue but suddenly the layout in the editor breaks and the stack icons are missing.
any idea what is going on there?!

there seems to be something wrong with open sans (which I do not use on the website)

I’ll need your project file and your embeds folder to offer any troubleshooting. Email a ZIP file containing those things over to me.

Open Sans is included in Alloy for the Editor. I’ll fix that in the next update.

I think I have an idea of what it might be. But I will need your project and embeds folder to do a final check. Once I have those I’ll be able to assess it better. Let me know if you need my email address.

just dopped you an email with a download link.

Great. I’ll look at it first thing tomorrow morning. I suspect it is related not to the number of entries but a misplaced closing tag that comes into play after a certain number groups (aka Pages).

Have a nice evening, I am sure you will get this sorted :+1:

Hi Adam, do you already know if you were right with what you suspected?

Since I am further working on the website the embed and droplet files from the server that I sent you yesterday are not the latest versions anymore (in case that matters for what you do with these files?!)

I did find the cause. I’ll have an update going out today with the this fix as well as this one.

Your project file definitely helped out. I don’t need anything further or new.


perfetto! :+1:
(plus some lorem ipsum because I need 25 characters)
done! :wink:

Check the Alloy v3.0.2 update I just pushed out. It should address your bug.

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The Editor layout weirdness is definitely fixed now :+1:

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Awesome! It is strange. Neither myself or the beta testers ran up against this one in testing. Glad to get it resolved!

That’s because you don’t have an idiot like me on your Beta-testing team! :rofl:

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LOL. I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

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