In Alloy is there a way of a category only showing when selected

Hi, is it possible to have a few categories for example, ‘watches’, ‘pens’, ‘buttons’ but then when sold to change the category to ‘sold’ which would still show in the list but only display when selected, otherwise remain hidden or possible after all the other item categories.

Since Alloy is designed for blogging and not a storefront this is not possible.

Thank Alan, it it possible to make on of the categories show always last, at the end of other categories.

Hi Alan, don’t worry about it I think I’ve come up with a solution, change the date to an older date and change category.

Also think you work is brilliant and any new things on the way I will be looking forward to.


Hi @pat – Glad you got something that works for you and thanks for the kind words.

I have to point out that my name is not Alan. My name is Adam. You’ve made this mistake several times and in the past and I tried to lightheartedly point it out, but since that didn’t work I just wanted to be straight forward this time and let you know that, as I said above, my name is Adam.

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Hi Adam, so sorry about that I hope you got a good laugh, I know someone who calls me Liam for years and I don’t have the heart to tell him it’s not my name :slight_smile:

It really isn’t a problem. I just wanted to clear it up was all. I get Alan on my cup at Starbucks a lot, too. So it’s not just you.