Index.html vs. home.html or pagename.html

I am trying to make a new site to replace our original site created on iWeb in 2008. In iWeb I could have a particular name for a page and a different name for the Navbar. e.g. (HOME for the nabber and a filename of EBs_Home.) However, in Foundry I see the name of the filename is “index.html” regardless of which page it is. My understanding from the past was to never change your filename as it would affect google’s ratings. Is there a new reason to not use the original filename? Also, is it not proper to use Capitals for filenames anymore?
I see that the Navbar in Foundry (General Settings) allows me to change or insert the original filename but is it proper to do this in HTML5?

JPG, the genreral tab is for the page information, not the stack. Also, it is good practice to name every page file index.html or index.php depending on if php is required. The page name itself is what you name the page in the left payne of Rapidweaver. In General settings you will see the Browser Title (important for Google), the Folder name should be a descriptive name for that page and in lower case. Then the File Name (index.html) If the page is your main (home) page then you will not need a folder name because this is in the root of your web server.

The navbar takes its information from the page name in the higharchy of your site and what you named each page in the left payne of Rapidweaver. I hope this clarifys things a bit for you on the structure of your website.

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