Index with visited marking

Hello. I am writing a storybook in Foundry3. It looks very nice. So I like some useful functionality.
Is it possible in a “book index” page to have icons showing pages finished and pages visited?

I am building a website like a book with an index and I like to be able to show the user pages they have been on with an icon and pages they have finished with an icon. If I can just show visited pages at first it is ok. Later as I learn I can add further functionality. I imagine it’s about using cookies. Right?

I planned to build the index as a table or cards with icons and text columns to get a nice clean look. Each icon is a button with a link to a page representing a chapter starting point.

How do I make such navigation?


So this is an interesting one actually – The first inclination is to add a small character or icon to the front of normal and visited links. One icon or character for those the visitor has not looked at and another for those they have. You could do with with a ::before pseudo class in CSS, in conjunction with a content property.

Nowadays though there are a very limited number possibilities for styling :visited links, and this is due to for privacy reasons. If you’re interested I’ll let you read more about it here. This is done so that a malicious script can detect which sites the visitor has gone to before. Now most browsers only allow the following styling to be applied to visited links:

  • color
  • background-color
  • border-color (and its sub-properties)
  • column-rule-color
  • outline-color
  • text-decoration-color
  • text-emphasis-color
  • the color parts of the fill and stroke attributes

Maybe I should make a member login so users can see the content with and without the icon effects.