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I built my website with Foundry, and recently I got Alloy as well. I love it! The video documentation was so helpful while setting up my blog.

Now I am working on a commenting option. I bought the Portion Pack and added the Disqus Stack, which is working well with the blog. But I happen to find Disqus itself way to complicated to submit a comment, and the whole layout of it is confusing as well.

So I decided to use Facebook Comments. I added the JavaScript SDK generated by Facebook (Comments - Social Plugins - Documentation - Facebook for Developers) to the blog page’s HTML Code Body. Then I put the Facebook comment plugin into an HTML Stack below the Blog Entries Stack inside the Full Entry View of the Conditional Stack.

The bug is that it does not recognize each blog entry as different. So at Full Entry View, always the same comments show up, whereas the Disqus Stack applies for each post an individual comments section. I tried the demo version of the Stack4Stack Comments Stack, which is plain and simple, but I have the same problem as with Facebook Comments.

I am not a programmer. I just wanted to ask if it is possible to make Facebook Comments work with each blog entry in the same way as the Disqus Stack does? Must there be code added, or is this a problem on the part of Facebook?

This is just a suggestion: Maybe you could create a simple comment stack that would work with Alloy, one that gives the website owner full control. I would definitely buy it!

This is the link to the blog on my homepage:

Kind regards

Anna Maria Fusaro

Problem solved!

I added the embed codes into the content of each post on the editor site created with Alloy.

Then I replaced the general page link with the specific Full Entry View link of the blog post.

This worked with Facebook Comments. But I found a better suited commenting solution for my needs: Hyvor.

Here is a list of different Disqus-alternatives, if someone might look for something different as well:

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