Inline/Sub navigation apart from the nav bar


I would like to add the subpages in a dedicated nav bar, so that I have the overall navigation on top of the site and the subpage navigation e.g. underneath the banner.

A little like the Tesla Pro Theme navigation at Samples | Tesla Pro with the two navigation bars just set aside by an image.

Is this possible with Foundry?

Thank you!

No, that is not a stack the Foundry has. It isn’t likely one I’d add anytime soon. There were some problems that we faced with the Tesla sub navigation along the way relying to how RapidWeaver outputs that sub navigation. So I don’t want to jump into that problem again at this time.

I see, thank you. So I forgo the sub navigation in this project and see if there is a link/target stack I could use to jump to a certain point in the page. Any suggestions?

If you use Markdown (and the Markdown or HTML stacks) then you can do this quite easily. I think Joe Workman has a Target/Link stack (free, i forget the name). Will Woodgate has a very nice Jump stack that is very flexible and might be great for your purposes.

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