Insert link in paragraph text without changing style

Hi everyone. I’m new to foundry and trying to build my first site with it.

However, I’ve come across a problem that I can’t seem to resolve. I want to set up a link from a piece of text from a paragraph linking it to another page. I’ve set my font, size, colour etc but as soon as I clink on the link button at the bottom of RW the format of the text changes.

How do I set up a link and retain the formatting that I’ve set for the text?


Did you set up everything in the main Foundry stack? Also, do you have a link to an example page by chance? And what do you mean “format of the text changes”?



I set up the page with the main foundry stack and used Typeface to set the font to Roboto. I put in a paragraph stack and typed in the text ‘Contact Me or call today 077…’
All ok till there.
Then I wanted to set the ‘Contact Me’ text as a link to the contact page. So I highlighted the text and clicked on the ‘link’ button at the bottom of the RW screen and the text font and size changed.

What am I doing wrong?


Odd, I let Adam know about this one. He may want to look at your project file, so zip it up and he will let you know where to send it so he can take a look at it.

Hi there @Salopian_guy!

If you could do me a favor and send me a link to a ZIP file that contains your project file that would be a great help! Once I get that I can take a look at your issue and see what might be happening.

Hi Adam,

Heres the link

Many thanks.

It seems you’ve got some weird formatting going on that is on that text, including you have ignore formatting on some of the text. Perhaps you copied and pasted that text from somewhere else and then added the link? Not sure. Go ahead and do this though…

(1) Highlight all of the text within that Paragraph stack.
(2) Select Clear Formatting from the Format menu in RapidWeaver.
(3) Re-select the text (if necessary) and choose Ignore Formatting. This will add a pink background to all of the text once your unselect it. You’re going to have to repeat this step now to remove that pink background. This is removing the ignore formatting you have on the text.
(4) You should now be able to add your link to the Contact Me text.

All that said, you could also do this:

(1) Delete that Paragraph stack.
(2) Insert new Paragraph stack and retype text (or paste it using Paste As Plain Text from the Edit menu).
(3) Add your link(s).

Somewhere along the line you picked up some funky formatting in that text that is causing you a problem, either of there above should fix you up.

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Hi Adam,

I used the second method and that sorted it,

Many thanks for the very prompt response.

Not a problem! Always happy to help.