Introducing a free Foundry 3 Starter Kit - Lemmy K

Lemmy K - Free Starter Kit for music and bands

Hi there Foundry Weavers,
a while ago I posted in this forum my first free Starter Kits for Foundry. The feedback I got was really great, so over the last weeks I designed another one. It is made for music and bands and as I am an old metal head being a big fan of Motörhead I named it Lemmy K (guess why :slight_smile:).

There are sections in the Starter Kit for

  • Menu plus header
  • The band and band members
  • Next shows
  • Music on Spotify
  • Albums on Vinyl and CDs
  • Foto galery
  • Booking for a gig

Pretty sure you can easily adopt the design also to other music genres and adopt the Starter Kit to your needs.

Here you can preview Lemmy K:

And here is the link to the WeaverPixel download page:

The Starter Kit is as all of my Starter Kits totally free. If you want to do something for your kharma, you find there also a donation button. But a payment is definitely not required.

Enjoy and have fun :grinning: