Introducing Architecture. A Pin-sharp project template for Foundry 2

Architecture is my new project template for Foundry 2. Its pin-sharp and consists of four pages, each packed with innovative designs and layouts that push the native Foundry 2 stacks to their limits.

In Architecture, I’ve put particular emphasis on utilising the new Foundry 2 stack, Position. A great stack that allows you to finitely layer up different content elements, one on top of the other, in precisely the layout you want.

See the demo here.

For a limited time, I’ve reduced the price from €25 to only €15. This discount will remain until a certain number are sold, then the deal will be removed.

Buy Architecture here.

(Posted with permission from Adam).


Instant buy :slight_smile: thank you


Ditto here ! ( and a few random words)

Can I buy it without creating an account/password?

The “account” side of the checkout process is a bit misleading. It’s not really an account as such, no data is stored, not since GDPR. If, after purchasing you were to log in using your email and password you don’t have access to anything, it’ll just allow you to add “favourites” to a list!

I had all the account lookup stuff removed once GDPR kicked in. I accept I really need to get the whole “password/account” thing removed from the front end, but this is a generic store system (albeit customised for me) that quite a lot of my clients use, and lots of those do want the favourites system, so I’m somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place. I should really give the site a rebuild and use a different system, but that’s for another day!

The only data now stored is your name, email and purchases. And that’s held my end, with no front end access.

So, to answer your question: If you want to order via the site, and have the purchase recorded, for things like updates etc. Then I’m afraid no, you will need to give it a password, otherwise, the checkout process won’t complete.

If you just want to buy from me direct, via direct payment to Paypal, then yes, entirely possible. Send me a PM and I’ll give you the Paypal email address to send payment to, then I’ll email you the project.

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Thank you. I’ve not come across that way of buying things before.

Good morning all. I just wanted to update this thread to say that the offer price will end at midnight on 31st Dec. After that, Architecture will be at its full price.

Happy New Year.

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