Iphone version moves from side to side

I have made this mistake before and I cant remember what it is I am doing wrong.

My Foundry site looks good. But on iphone it is not fixed to the screen I mean that it can be dragged from side to side which means there is blank white on the left and right … rather than just fixed within the iphone screen

It is unfortunately pretty hard to assist without something to look at. Do you have a project file we can look at? Post it up here and myself or someone else in the forum can take a look.

Just a heads up – starting this afternoon I will be out of the office for a few days so the sooner the better.

Thank you

my test site is here

That page has a passcode on it. That said I was hoping you’d share the project file. Easier to hunt through for mistakes you’ve made in formatting your content.

I’m out of the office for several days (Out of the office for a few days - #2) so I will be slow to respond going forward for the next few days.

General advice: Check to make sure you’ve not set fixed widths, or applied padding or margins to the page itself, and that you don’t have custom code snippets causing problems.

That said, if you give us a copy of your project file we can look through it for your problems. Be sure to remove your publishing information before posting your project file.