Is it possible to have friendly URLs for blog posts in Alloy?

Is it possible to have blog entries that don’t use query params?

Hi there @CloudBedrock – No, that is not an option. Having a feature like that would require users editing hidden and sensitive .htaccess files on their server, among other things. That is not something I wish for users to have to deal with and possible create unnecessary problems. That is not a feature I’m currently looking to add to Alloy.

you could always have alloy/RW/foundry create a .htaccess file in the blog directory for the URL rewrites.
I was looking to use alloy for all my future blogs but a requirement is that we have a unique URL that maps directly to a specific posting. and without unique URLs, it is impossible to do that.

I loved alloy up to that point. I bought it as I thought it was 10 kinds of awesome. just didnt realize it missed 1 of the key requirements.

off to find a different blog platform.

I personally don’t see it as good form to do so. It would overwrite any htaccess file you as the user might already have each time you publish. To me this is very bad form.

Alloy does indeed have unique URLs. Hop over to this blog post on the example blog for instance. Completely unique URL: