Is There A Cap On How Many Droplets I Can Create On Any 1 Website

Hi @elixirgraphics et al - I have just completed the creation of a web page that makes good use of ‘droplets’ to allow the client to make various edits herself. And all works well on the HOME page. However in applying droplets to another page in the same website I’m discovering that things are not going so well and I’m struggling for each ‘droplet’ to display the correct information when the web page is loaded - despite each droplet having its own unique ‘tag’. Is it possible that there is a limit to how many droplets I can create on any one website ? A limit to how many pages support droplets ? Please see the attached screenshot of what is currently being displayed . #opentoideas Kind Regards | Justin

There’s not a limit. That said it is not a Content Management System (CMS) like you’re trying to make it. How many do you currently have, out of curiosity?

Unless you’re updating all of this content on a very regular basis then it should probably be static content in your project file. I doubt an “About Us” header or text will get updated regularly.

As for the problem you’re seeing – My guess is that you have some other sort of problem on your page(s) that is likely related to configuration or content in your droplet(s). I’d encourage you to review the page and double-check that you’ve set it up according to the instructional videos. If you can’t find it you can share your project file with us here, along with your droplets folder, as we can’t troubleshoot anything from a screenshot. Screenshots always seem nice, but most times it is like trying to get a mechanic to diagnose your car engine by showing him a photograph of your muffler.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file and a copy of your droplets folder from your server. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

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HI @elixirgraphics - and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I have just had another look at your tutorial video on this topic and for the life of me still can’t work out what/where I am going wrong. Thanks in advance for any help/support. Link to the zip folder containing the project files and droplets folder is here .Kind Regards | Justin

I’ve got a multi-page site, which has 55 Droplets, 67 Embeds (some with embedded Droplets), and >25 Blog Posts. I followed the videos closely, and it all works like a dream!

As @elixirgraphics says, it’s probably either configuration, or content-related.


To start as I’m looking at your Droplets folder contents – the content, shown in the example below, is not really a Droplet. It is more akin to an Embed.

That is an awful lot of text for a Droplet. The thing that gives the hint that Droplets are meant for a very small amount of content is the field type and size:

All that said – the problem is that you have two index files on your server on the About page. You’ve got an index.html and index.php in that folder. HTML will always take priority if both exist. This is like because you created the page as an HTML file and published the site, but later added the Droplets and Alloy, which forces the page to be a PHP page. Delete the index.html page.

You can see the PHP version live on the site already though, here: About | Well Heeled Boutique


Hi @elixirgraphics - and many thanks for taking the ‘time out’ to look into this. So, although there would appear to be no limit on the amount of droplets that I can include in my website (which is great news BTW) it would appear that there is a character limit for each droplet. Got that. Tell me , what is the maximum character limit you recommend before it should become an ‘embed’ ? In this, my first foray into using droplets I’m am finding the process to be very straightforward, given that I remember to delete the .html files shortly after publishing ! Are there plans to continue with droplets and embeds in next release of Foundry ? and will the process be very similar to the way I am creating these droplets in version 2 ? Keep up the great work and support . Thank you. Justin :grinning:

Thanks for that ‘heads up’ @jacksona :grinning:

There’s not a character limit so-to-speak. Droplets are just meant for small things. An image URL, a header, things like that. Embeds are for content. Honestly and Embed could be used to replace your header and content on that about page since you can use Markdown inside of an Embed you can add the Header in the Embed content itself.

Droplets and Embeds are not a part of Foundry. They get their power and code from Alloy. Maybe I’m not understanding your question.

Again, Droplets and Embeds are Alloy items, and don’t ship with Foundry.