Is there a more efficient way to park the form data from Form Pro?

I’ve built a Foundry website for a London charity that has asked me to use Foundry’s Form Pro stack to attract/field volunteer enquiries. This involves potential volunteers to input of quite a lot of information. A process that I am finding is quite time consuming as I copy and paste this info from the received emails into an Excel spreadsheet. Can anyone suggest an easier - more time efficient way to collect this data ? and one that means that I don’t loose the benefits of using Form Pro ? Thanks in advance. Justin :slight_smile:

Form Pro is just an email form tool. If you’re working toward putting this stuff in a database you might look at FormLoom as it allows you, if I’m not mistaken, to have the data dumped directly there.

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Thanks for the ‘heads up’ @elixirgraphics but on further investigation it looks like Formloom does NOT support GoDaddy Hosting ( which is where the site is situated ) :frowning: #stillopentoideas

Look at FormsPro from Chillidog. It can save the data to a MySQL file so you can it export into a csv or similar.

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ @Fuellemann. The supporting literature for FormsLoom is a little limited and doesn’t go into any great depth with regards to the creation of a MySQL file - so I’m going to have to take your word on this. Is requesting the feature to create a MySQL file for future releases of the ‘Forms Pro’ stack out of the question @elixirgraphics ? As the form that I am building is for a charity ( London food bank to be specific ) I’m doing this for FREE. Justin

I don’t do database stuff. I don’t like it and stay away from it. You’ll notice Alloy for example specifically avoids all database usage. You will not ever see me building a RW tool that uses a database.


A non-profit I did a site for set up google forms for booking. It provides a spreadsheet. I just put a link in to the form.

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You might find this post - FormsPlus - RapidWeaver Forms plus so much more - Stacks - RapidWeaver Support Forum - answers some questions about what FormsPlus can do in terms of MySQL. And if you go to that forum and ask Greg - the poster and author of FP - he’ll be able to elaborate.

I use Machform with Foundry and it works a treat. A SQL DB is needed, but after that you can download the data and reconfigure it as you like. Read more on Machform here: