Is there a showcase for sites that are built around Alloy?

I will likely show someone several different Alloy solutions and it would be helpful for myself as well. I will likely start working with it really soon.

You can post any Foundry & Alloy sites in the showcase here on the forum.

I was just curious if some of those Foundry sites in the showcase have blogs made with a tools other than Alloy?

Hi Kip,

why would you do that? :grinning:

It’s just that some sites are made up of a combination of different developer’s tools. I don’t know why people choose one blog tool over another, I’ve only used the blog that is built into one of the RW themes so far. It seems like Alloy has quite a feature set so maybe I just assume that when I see a blog in the showcase it is made with Alloy?

My suggestion would be to post on threads and ask. Interact with the community. You’ll likely get more feedback that way as well.

Okay, seems like that should work.

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