Is there a Sort stack equivalent in Foundry 3?

Hi @elixirgraphics - Just running through the stacks available in my newly downloaded Foundry 3 hoping to see support for a much loved stack that I use a lot in Foundry 2’s Thunder pack entitled the ‘Sort’ Stack. A great stack that allows my customers to sort and search content. As I cannot immediately a similarly named stack in Foundry 3, is there an equivalent stack/method in Foundry 3 that you recommend that I use ? Thanks . Justin


I think I posted this elsewhere but with the number of support inquiries I’ve responded to over the past 7 days I can’t be sure.

Sort was based heavily in jQuery, which has been removed from Foundry 3. It isn’t a tool I’m currently actively working on rebuilding right now. It isn’t to say it might not come back in some shape or form, but it would not be soon as I’d need to write it from the ground up most likely. There are other tools like it in the community you could check out. They may or may not use jQuery, and that may or may not sway your use of them, it just depends on what you want and need.

Whilst I have your ear @elixirgraphics can you tell me what the protocol is regarding updating my email address on the Elixir shop ? The email that you have I will be retiring soon and would like to provide you with another email for all future upgrades, purchases etc . Justin

Have to email me your original email address and new address. Include full name from original order too, for verification— adam at elixirgraphics dot com