Is there a way to have a site subtitle?

I’d like to put a subtitle on my site. Is there a way to do it in the Navbar or Navbar Pro?

In the previous version of my site using the standard Navbar, I ended up putting the site title and subtitle in a graphic logo (“Consilience Publishing” then on a line underneath it “Thoughtful books for thoughtful people”). So I just displayed the logo on the left side of the Navbar.

But now I’m enhancing the site and I wondered if there was a more straightforward way to do it. I played around with the Navbar Pro stack (which I like better regardless of the subtitle issue), but I didn’t find a way to insert a site subtitle. I can either do without the subtitle or just use the same method as I did before, but if there’s a better way to do it, I’d love to know about it. Thanks in advance for any info.

If you have the Thunder Pack, there is the Header Plus stack that has a setting for a seconday header that can have different weight and color than the main header. This could be put in the Navbar Pro. It is inline though.

Thanks! I will check it out. I don’t have Thunder Pack, but maybe I’ll get it today. I appreciate your help.

I only bought the Thunder Pack recently (after I released the Architecture project) and found it a really great addon to Foundry. I’m using the Thunder stacks extensively on my next Foundry project.

I’m also using it a lot on a couple of client sites I’m making at present in Foundry.