Is there an option to auto close Drop Down in Navigation Pro?

Hi, when we click to Drop Down in Navigation Pro Drop Down opens, and when we move the cursor or click on the page anywhere Drop Down stays open all the time. is there an option to set up, tell the Drop Down close itself when we move the cursor, or click anywhere on the page?


Hi @telepati – No, the drop down is not designed around working like you describe. The drop down is toggled open and closed by clicking the toggle button.

is it not possible add this for future request? Like On/Off check box under the Drop Down section.


I love foundry and use it for all my clients. But this is the most requested change, to close the menu if a click or tap happens outside the menu after it has been opened.


@Fuellemann & @telepati – I’ve worked something up for Navigation Bar and Navigation Bar Pro. They’ve been sent to beta testers. If all goes well they’ll be in the next Foundry update. I can’t give you a date on when that will get pushed out, but like I said, they’ve been sent to beta testers.



Yes I’d appreciate this feature too…also like to add another request please.

My clients often ask for the ability to have a telephone number in the menu area, so just another zone area option in settings to have a Stack…any stack…would be great, so we could add text, a button or whatever.

Look forward to the update.

Cheers Scott

Please see above. No need to make an additional request. :wink:

This isn’t something that will be coming to Nav Bar or Nav Bar Pro. Sorry. You should check out what egoMade has done with his projects though.

Thanks Adam, I’ll have a look at egomade’s projects

is it possible to add this feature to Mobile Toggle Menu?

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Hi @elixirgraphics – I know this thread took place in December/January … if it’s not possible to auto close, can the mobile Toggle change from bars (hamburger menu) to an “X” (to close it) when the drop is open?

Or is this something I can do in CSS?

I appreciate all that you do!

This feature was added to the Navigation Bar Pro stack earlier this year:

CleanShot 2021-07-09 at 20.40.08@2x


Thanks for letting me know. I had missed this.

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