Issue receiving contact us submissions with Form stack

Hi @elixirgraphics,

Hope your day is a good one.

I’ve run into a recent issue using the Form stack that comes with Foundry. (I also have Form Pro from the Potion pack but the original does what I need).

For whatever reason, I am now not receiving any contact form submissions to my company’s email used with the stack.

For background purposes, I am using:

  1. the latest version of RW
  2. the latest version of Foundry
  3. the submission email syntax matches my website syntax

Historically this has worked like a charm. I’ve tried submitting and testing across browsers but not having any success.

Please advise if you would.

As you know, I’m a big fan!

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Sounds like something with your host may have changed perhaps, or your emails are arriving in the spam folder.

If you have Form Pro you may switch to using it and try enabling the SMTP feature. Many hosts require this to send emails, which is what the form is doing.

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Thanks for getting back to me. You’re a rock star when it comes to your incredible responsiveness.

(I’ve looped my counterpart into this who is a bit more technical than I and has been helping me too).

More info about our set-up for the same domain:

  1. Our web host is GoDaddy
  2. Our email host is Google (Gmail)

We did check all spam folders (Google and GoDaddy) and all came up empty.

I switched the form on our site to the Form Pro stack and added a CC email address for submissions. (The CC address uses a different domain syntax)

When I leave the SMTP option unchecked and publish, the form is successfully submitted but the email is only received by the CC address (a Gmail account using a different domain syntax) and not the intended target.

When the SMTP option was checked, we separately tried inputting host info (SMTP, username, password, port, security) for each – Gmail and GoDaddy. Also we tried checking and unchecking the “Send using email address” box when trying to rule out variables.

For both scenarios, we received an error message along with the Github link:

I viewed the Form Pro video.

When you mention “host” and given our set-up, would this be the email host or the web host?

We’re determined to figure this out as back-end stuff has never been a forte.

Any thoughts? Again, I really appreciate any help.

Thank you,


p.s. We’re AOK for now given that the CC works so we will be receiving messages.

First problem I see is the mention of GoDaddy. They’re the worst. Almost literally. Especially when it comes to this stuff.

When setting up your form the email needs to be going to an address that shares the domain name of the site you’re sending from.

If your site is then you would want the form to be sending to an address related to that domain like:

Sending to a gmail account is likely not going to work well as it is not related to your site in any way. Hosts (godaddy in this case) should view this as you trying to send spam. That is why they require it to come from your email address related to your domain and why you should also be using their smtp server.

All that said — godaddy really is bad. Really.


By the way, the hit above about godaddy isn’t to make you feel bad for choosing them. They were my first host looooong ago too. It was more to illustrate that it might not be your problem, but theirs.


Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it.

I did make sure that the email address matched the domain.

We’re trying a couple other steps to see if any of these will work.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

No worries about the hit on GoDaddy.

We agree with you that GD isn’t the best (and they seem to be getting worse). My co-founder is in constant battle with GD as they change their hosting policies all the time.

Unfortunately we’re tied to using their C-Panel for this particular site/app which we’ve had around for a few years.

OK. Good to know. I was confused how that would be possible if you were using a Gmail address for the Your Email field.

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Yeah, our “awesomesite” emails use Gmail.

I’m not 100% sure that will work. Gmail does not like to let you send form mail through their server. They just don’t like it.

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Our latest attempt didn’t work either … but since I do receive the CC in my email inbox, it’s good enough for now.

Thank you again for your responsiveness.

As I’ve said previously, you are stellar with your willingness to help and how quickly you respond.

I am grateful.

Do you not have and email account through GoDaddy for your domain? That, and its SMTP are what you should be using.