Issue using WebP tool with Card tool

I’m trying to convert all my images to webP on a clients site. I’m using the Card Tool on the home page alot, so I wanted to swap out the image in the Card Tool for a webP image but I ddidn’t see a way to do it, so I removed the Card Header all together and just put a webP Tool above the Card. I can’t seems to get rid of the small gap between the webP image and the Card. I guess I don’t have to use the card, I could just throw a background tool in there to accomplish the samething at this point, but I would like to know if getting rid of this gap is possible.


WebP Images are already built-in to Card. Give this a go. Add a Card to the page. For the Card Header set it to Image+. Then go to the Card, select the image and delete it. You’ll now get a (+) button. Click that and Choose WebP.


Ok, now I feel stupid. :man_facepalming:. Should have figured you would have thought of that. However I’m still getting the pesky gap between the image and the bottom half of the card.

I can have a look but it won’t be until Tuesday.

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No rush, thank you for taking a look.

No problem. It is likely just a display property value. With it being a holiday weekend I’ll be out until Tuesday. But if it is something easy I will get it in the next update, which I’m hoping to ship next week. :+1: