Labels in Card Deck

Hi, I am using Card Deck as a kind of ‘News in brief’ linking to topical articles. Elsewhere I have labels for the topics e.g. Business Planning, Teamworking etc. The only way I can think of putting signposting labels above each card is as an image. Am I missing any tricks please?

Without seeing your layout it is hard to make suggestions, but have you looked at the Label stack?

Hi, this is the basic layout - Label, Header, Paragraph, Note/Link (I am toying with some option). Any ideas please?

Not Label, that’s the problem - currently using Image.

Instead of an image use the Label stack:

Thanks Adam, have now learned Card slice

Not a problem. Glad to help out, and welcome to the community.

Thank you. Am trying to self-teach and look stuff up/watch tutorials etc. and not be overly-reliant on a forum!

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