Langauge Settings In Foundry

Hello - I built a website for a client to promote the Italian Food scene here in North Yorkshire to cater for the local English speaking public. So when I received an email from the same client telling me that the same website when viewed from Italy, presented itself in fluent Italian , I was quite taken aback. This wasn’t something that I have intentionally built into the site and was wondering how/why this has happened ?? Do website now automatically ‘flip’ to support the territories that they are being viewed in nowadays ? Or is this a Foundry thing that I wasn’t aware of ? #yourthoughts #feedback

This is unrelated to Foundry. Foundry has not control over this. It is likely the browser they’re using.

Thanks @elixirgraphics. I must admit I do like the idea of my websites being accessible across all territories without me having to manually implement this. Can anyone confirm the browser that supports this feature - and those that don’t ? as I now plan to make this part of the service that I offer :grinning:

Probably not really a service if all visitors would need a specific browser, right? That said it could also be a browser extension as well.