Latest blog posts on homepage

I have a working blog with pretty URLs on
when I hit the “read more” button on the blog page the article opens in

I copied the alloy stack together with the blog entries stack over to the homepage of the website to show the 2 latest blog articles there.
I noticed that the “read more” link does not work.
it tries to open the article in and fails with a page not found.

so the blog/ part is missing in the path that the brwoser is trying to open…
If I insert “blog/” manually, the article opens just fine.

I turned off pretty URLs on the homepage testwise and then the “read more” links works
but the articles are expanded / opened directly on the homepage - I don´t like that.
I would like to link to and open the article on the blog page.

is that possible?

Why is it, the read more is not working on the homepage?

I read in the documentation to do a republish all - but nothing changed.
Have I missed something during st up?

The articles are linking to the blog. They’re linking to the blog that you’ve now created on the home page. Any time you add a Blog Entries stack to a page you’re creating a blog. In your example you’ve created one on the blog page as well as one on the home page. This is why the Recent Posts stack for Alloy exists:

Also, when you reply, please be sure to set a category for this thread on the forum in your first post. Thanks!

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Hi Adam, thank you for your reply and sorry for leaving the category empty. :innocent:

Is there any way to extract some blog posts to be visible on the homepage, like a teaser for the complete blog page?

how can I present my blog page in parts on another page?
I guess this is something that could be interesting for many alloy users…(?)

Do you have any idea/advice that puts me into the right direction?

thank you in advance!

Specific posts? If so no.

The best you’re going to be able to do is the Recent Posts stack. Please have a look at that.

See my above comment.

I’m not sure what your end goal is, as you’ve not clearly stated it as far as I can tell.

If you want to show the most Recent Posts you can use the included stack to do that.

Beyond that, that you’re looking to do is not something Alloy can, or will do. Separating your blog into pieces doesn’t make a lot of sense from my point of view, especially without further details. The likelihood that I would create a stack to show specific blog posts isn’t high as I don’t know what, in the context of a blog, that something like this would be useful for.

Don’t forget to set the category, please.

now it worked! i am doing progress, you see? smiley:

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