Lazy Load content in a Mega Modal stack?

I’m using Mega Modal to display 360 spin photography of a bunch of items but the page is getting heavy. Admittedly the 360 photography is very high resolution and there is a lot of it.

Is there a way to force the page to load the content in a mega modal stack only once it is clicked on? I think this is called lazy loading.

The draft page is here The Archives of Falconry: Exhibits

Hi there @RangeWide

No, sorry that is not a possibility.

Thanks. After a little more research I realize that what I really want is the opposite of lazy loading. Lazy loading loads all the content before you get there, after the content on the main page so things appear to load faster. What I really want is to NOT load the content until you click the Lightbox. I get that I can’t do that with the Mega Modal stack. Maybe someone has another suggestion? I’m certain there’s a clever way to do this, I’m just not sure I’m clever enough to puzzle it out on my own. Anyone?