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Foundry 3

A new blog post about this has just been posted on the Foundry site, but I wanted to cross post here as well, because honestly I’m pretty excited to start sharing this information with you all! The blog post:

I’m really excited to announce that the release of Foundry 3 is just around the corner. It as been a long time coming. Over the next week or so I’ll be posting several new blog entries about this major upgrade, where I’ll be going into much more depth about what is to come, and what you can expect.

I’ll keep a list of the blog posts here as they are released, at the bottom of this post.

Shiny New Icon

I wanted to start things off though, before I dive into all of those details in future posts, with some quick sneak peeks. First off, I’d like to present the new Foundry icon, which you can see at the top of this post. This icon was crafted by the incomparable Matthew Skiles and I think it fits Foundry perfectly.

Quick Promo Video

I’ve also put together a quick promo video for Foundry 3 that I’d like to share with you all. You’ll get a quick peek at just a few of the many new things in store in Foundry 3. Trust me, there’s a lot of new stuff you’re going to want to check out in the coming days — there’s just so much to touch on.


Throughout the upcoming blog posts, documentation, videos, etc you’ll hear or see me referring to Stacks addons as “tools” instead of calling them “stacks.” I want to clarify why this is — In the past users of the Stacks plugin have had a hard time deciphering the difference between “Stacks” and “stacks” in the community. At some point “stacks” with a lowercase “s” became the go to for referring to addons that you use within the “Stacks,” capital “S”, plugin for RapidWeaver.

Since Foundry has a very blacksmith / forge vibe with its site and logo I decided to simply call them tools going forward. This should help clairfy things a bit and clear up confusion between “Stacks” and “stacks.” So starting now I’ll be referring to Stacks addons for Foundry as tools and hopefully as time goes on this will help clear up that confusion for new and existing users alike.

Long Road

I’ve been hard at work on this update for over 1.5 years now, both on the code and the extensive documentation. While Foundry 3 retains its easy-to-use drag-and-drop nature, I’ve worked hard reimagining and re-engineering the all aspects of Foundry from the ground up and cultivating new tools and features for beginners and experienced users alike.

I hope you’re as excited to learn about Foundry 3 as I am to bring this new update to you. Stay tuned for more in-depth posts about this giant-sized update.

Blog Posts about Foundry 3


can we skip to the download part … :crazy_face: :heart_eyes:


Take my money $$$$ NOW !


That’s some promo Adam. Presume you had a hand in it. One of the reasons I love Foundry. I can leave the graphics design to you, just straight out of the box.

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Fantastic. Back to work and get that released now……


I’m really looking forward to V3!

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Updated the first post in the thread with a link to the new blog post, which I’ll also add here:

Note I’ve also added indicators for the upcoming posts to show which will be accompanied by video(s).


Since there was no video for today’s post I thought I’d give a bonus for forum goers.

Let’s have a look at Foundry’s new Modal tool:


Create versatile popover dialog windows into which you can insert your own modular content. We’ve made it easy to trigger the modal popup in a variety of different ways from several different Foundry tools.

We’ll have two videos tomorrow to accompany the blog post. :wink:


Are the modular dropdown items customizable ?
Do I need to upgrade to RWC to use Foundry 3?

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I have a blog post written talking about the Toolbox you’ve captured there in a screenshot from the promo video. That is the “Speeding up your workflow within Edit Mode” topic currently slated for Friday Jan. 27.

That said — the list of items you see there are handled just like when a Parent Tool has child items (ie: like how you add child items to a Bulleted List, or something similar in Foundry 2). You can’t customize the list itself due to how the Stacks API works, as those options have to be hard coded into the tool. But there’s more Toolbox can do, too so hang in there until Friday’s blog post. :wink:

Foundry 3 will run in RapidWeaver 8 or RapidWeaver Classic. I recommend Stacks v5 for Foundry 3.


Looking forward to Foundry 3!


Cannot wait!!! so exited for Foundry 3.


…sounds like Christmas…:wink:

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We’re looking at some of the modularity and speed of Foundry 3 with today’s blog post:

Foundry is becoming more modular and faster, too

This post also contains the tutorial videos for Foundry 3’s Background and Spacing tools.


I’m just starting a new project, when are you planning to release Foundry 3??

You’re trying to spoil my surprise @Marcin. :wink:

In all seriousness I’ll be announcing the release date next week, along with information about upgrade pricing and such as well.


Fabulous new. Two questions:

  1. I am assuming we can continue to run Foundry 2 websites until we can redo them (and if we do) - if so, can we have both versions of Foundry installed on RWC? (That way, I can maintain older websites but build new ones with version 3.)

  2. I’m just about to redo my own website from the ground up and do a new website for a not-for-profit. How soon do you anticipate launching Foundry 3? I’m wondering whether I should wait. I look forward to the release date next week. Hopefully, it won’t be too far into the future, and I can wait.

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And one further question:

will we be able to transfer over Alloy blogs when we do Foundry 3 pages?


Please see this blog post from yesterday: Foundry 3: Reimagined & re-engineered

I can’t give you any more information than what I’ve already said above.

I mentioned Alloy in yesterday’s post as well. There will be a small shim tool to allow it to work with Foundry 3. You’ll add that tool to your page and it’ll help the two interface with one another. Transferring posts and images isn’t something that is related to Foundry though. They simply reside on your server in your Posts and Image Uploads folders.

This is great news.

The timing could not be better because I have been planning a complete re-do of all of my websites into a single ‘launch pad’, so to speak.

Where do I sign?