Limit all the stuff YouTube adds to videos

I’ve added a video using the Video Embed stack and wondered if there was a way of not displaying some of the junk YouTube likes to add to videos, specifically the Subscribe fold out that happens when a visitor hovers over the account name top left, and all the related videos that display as thumbs at the end.



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The stack cannot get rid of that stuff unfortunately. I believe that has to be done in YouTube’s YouTube Studio in your account. I haven’t personally tired to do it myself, but I’d suspect that’s where you’d need to make the changes.

I think there’s a modest branding setting that could be applied, but it seems to have its problems if not used in conjunction with other settings. Let me try a few things and get back to you.

Scratch that. The thing that would be needed is the showinfo parameter, which YouTube depreciated back in 2018. I don’t currently see that they’ve added any alternative to the embedded parameters.

I suspected that would be the case. I had a good mooch around YouTube and they seem to have removed a lot of the stuff you used to be able to do. Not to worry. Thanks.

@Rob This is easily done with a Vimeo paid account (e.g. Plus). I realize that may not be an option but just so you know. It’s hard to believe it’s not possible with a YouTube paid account for your own videos.

That said, most users are savvy about what to ignore in YouTube. So I doubt it would be a big problem. But I certainly understand why you’d want to eliminate if possible!

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Funnily enough we’re looking into Vimeo Plus now. :sunglasses:

Let me know if you have any specific questions. Their docs are pretty good. Also I sometimes forget what you can do with a free account: may be enough for you

Thanks. One of the main things is to get rid of the gallery of videos at the end. I think that’s only possible with the Plus account.

I’m not sure. I think you’re right, but easy to check out. Upload a video using a free account and see what you can tweak.

I’m finding it hard to find a description of the differences between free and Plus. This page gives Plus and more advanced options:

They used to provide much more detailed info about differences between free and Plus but it looks like that info has now gone bye-bye

do it. its desperatley needed. people don;t watch my sites because of the trashy waits and new popups. Rapid Weaver is the bomb. Thanks and appreciatons. Your tired from success. don’t let that stop you. Please?
I satisfied customer

I have no control over what YouTube adds to a video.

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I think he meant by playing around was he wanted to verify what options a user might have. Unfortunately all that garbage stuff from Youtube comes from YouTube and is under their control.

I use Vimeo for that exact reason.


an unsplash would be significant

Same here. I just got fed up with having no control over YouTube.
While I understand their business model, it’s very annoying.

So, I switched to Vimeo too.
Almost everything is possible (customizable) when using Pro.
It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the money.

Cheers, Peter

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