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I have used RapidWeaver in the past with themes and changed little things like link color in the Master Style. But with my current site I went another route. I use the Foundry framework from Elixir with YourHead Stacks (Container, Columns, Card) which looks like this:

In the Card Paragraph there is a link which uses default blue. This is nice as long as the site is displayed in regular mode, but at night when it switches to dark mode it becomes nearly unreadable:

I can’t change this in the Master Style, because there’s no option for that:

Since it’s something inside the Cards Stack inside the Foundry Framework I thought here might be the right place to ask. I hope I could explain it good enough. Any advice on how to change the link color in this case?

In Foundry the overarching settings are found in the Control Center stack which is labeled Foundry in the Stacks Library. You can read more about the settings found in the Foundry Control Center stack here, including Link color settings: How to us Foundry's Control Center

Thank you very much!

I totally missed the Control Center. It wasn’t even part of my website, I had started with the Basis Stack followed by Banner and then the Containers. Putting the Control Center inside my Container which contains the Paragraphs resulted in the Brand Colors settings to become active. I changed them there and tested Light/Dark mode successfully!

The Control Center needs to be at the top of each page. Be sure to watch the Build a Simple Site video on this page: Getting started with Foundry

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