Link not working

Can some one check this site for a link not working?

The About link gives this (null)/(null) error?

What is the (null) command?

In my experience this happens when you’ve linked to a page in RapidWeaver, but later deleted that page from the project file, or the page hierarchy changed at some point after linking. Try going into Nav Bar Pro and resetting the link by clicking the small x next to the link selector, then once cleared go in and re-link to your About page. Then Republish All Files from RW. Be sure to clear your cache before testing the updated page.

Thanks for tips and it does work but rather slowly.

It appears to be very slow resolving that link compared to the other links but eventually comes in.

Hmmm, not sure what you mean. It does not load here at all.

Did you go through and do as I suggested?

Also, speed of loading can be a lot of things – size of images, type of code you’ve got on the page based on your design, your server, DNS between you and the server, etc, etc.

Try what I’ve suggested please.

If that does not help, please reply and provide a copy of your project file for us to look at. You can do so by putting it into a ZIP file and sharing a download link of that ZIP file with us using something like Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

I followed your suggestions and re-published all files and cleared the cache!

OK --will send project file.

What is your email to send file?

You can post the download link here. That way someone can help when they see it. If you’d rather email it, you can send it to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Project file uploaded to Wetransfer.

Your publishing settings show you’re publishing to and not as you linked to in your support query in your first post of this thread. If you’re publishing to then that is where the changes would be found.

That said your server is verrrry slow. I can’t get it to load pages without waiting a good minute or more and sometimes it seems to timeout. This could be your server, or the large images you’re loading, or a combination of things.

Needless to say I’ve been unsuccessful at loading your page at the URL that you have in your publishing settings.

On your site (at the URL linked to the About Us page is as shown:

I exported your site locally and the item you changed in your project file is showing as it is expected:

So either you’re publishing to the wrong location so the changes aren’t being uploaded to the same location you’re testing, or something go corrupted in your project file.

You might try making a quick test page just something simple, and linking to it on your About navigation item instead of the About page. See if that works. If so, move the contents from your About page over to the new page and work from there.

I FTP’d into Server and deleted all older files and Revised folder and re-published project and it appears to be working on my end.

Can you please check the link as well to verify?

Thanks for your help.

At this url?

If so, then no, the About link in the navigation still contains the (null)/(null) instead.

I did a little searching on the archived Realmac Forum and saw several posts relating to this:

A lot of those are not related but there are several instances it seems of RW generating the (null)/(null) link. You’re probably going to want to contact Realmac Software about this one.

Ok , will follow up on that forum!

Will report back when I get a solution

That forum is archived as they moved to a new community site here: RapidWeaver Community | Learn How To Build Better Websites | RapidWeaver Community

That said you can also email them at: support at realmacsoftware dot com