Linking NCD´s Photobox Pro Lightbox to a text in paragraph works, but not linking it to anything else

Hi, I have a problem with linking images or headers to NCD´s photo pro light box, though I did everything as it is described. It works only if I link the lightbox while setting the link to a text, into a paragraph stack. But when I link anything else, like an image or a header to the lightbox, then the same linking procedure doesn’t work. Though it was done in exactly the same way.

Do you have an idea how to solve it?

Hope you are all well, best,



This post, from another thread should clear up why this will not work for certain stacks:

Thank you, Adam!

So if I understand you well, there is no way to link it?

I already read the other post and didn´t really get it, …

Cheers, memo

It would take hard coding specific data tags into the stack to make it work as data tags are not generic, like say target or onclick.

Thank you Adam!

Do you mean something like this?

No. I mean the data tags would have to be hard coded into the header, button, etc stacks. It isn’t something you can do.

Ok, got it. Thank you Adam for your friendly responses!