Linking text in header or page header

How do you create linked text in a page header or header stack? I highlight the text, but it won’t let me create a link.

The Header stack does not use RapidWeaver’s Styled Text content for its content. It uses the non-styled content, thus links are not allowed. What is your use case for linking the Header? Have an example?

For example, in my contact section I have a header stack and I want to link the text “send us an email”

It’s easier to use a header here because it’s all formatted already, but I guess I can use a paragraph stack instead - what would you suggest.

The Paragraph stack is what should be used there ideally as that is its function. Use the Paragraph stack with the Lead Paragraph option enabled.

Will do. thanks for the help!

I used the paragraph, but I want to match it to the original header I had. How do I use the google font Lato on it and get the same line height without having to change the base font for the whole project in the foundry stack?

Using Google fonts on an individual Paragraph stack is not an option. You could change your Base Font in the Control Center stack to be Lato as you mentioned. Having each Paragraph capable of inserting a Google Font call into the page though could be pretty dangerous for your site as it would add up quickly. Loading Google Fonts requires a lot of bandwidth, so that’s why we do it only in a few areas of Foundry currently.

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