Linking to URLs from Buttons

So, what I’m seeking to achieve is presented in the first image, where the two red Buttons appear side-by-side linked to the respective URLs. What you see in the image is not yet working…

To achieve this result, I’ve tried several approached with none yet working. My ideal would be to hotlink the URL inside of the List time as #2 image below…

My next effort was to use Modal with Buttons, as #3 depicts (and showing in image #1)…

Image #4 is similar to #3, however, you will note that I have added a paragraph at the bottom, after reviewing the enlightening Quick Tip: Markdown links in Paragraph tool, and indeed it works!

So, my remaining challenge. if none of my preferred methods can be made to work, would be if/how can I put Buttons to hold the links, i.e., can I put a button image on “top’ of my link codes or can I somehow have a Button become the hotlink itself, as shown in Image #1???

Thanks for any guidance that comes my way from the experts.

I have to confess, I’m not really following you through all of this. But if your question is: can buttons hold links then the answer is YES. Just add relevant link as in screenshot below:

Then to make them side-by-side you could do as in screenshot below:

which looks like this once previewed:


Hi Mitchellm. You make it look easy, but I still cannot get my button to open my URL. See attached image with arrow and question mark. I suspect that I do not have the right syntax in the Model, however, I’ve tried it multiple ways to no avail, and I’ve watched the short video multiple times without any new revelations. Please take a look at my image attached to see if you can tell where my error is.

It should be clear, but what I’m seeking to accomplish is to have the red TBI button open the outside URL when touched by the user of this website.

Thanks in advance for any further guidance you may have.

Forgot to add the image. Here it is…

You set the link for the button in the settings panel for the button as @mitchellm shows in his screenshot. Where are you trying to set this link, in markdown?


Are you simply trying to open a link to an external website via a button or are you trying to open a modal on your website and display an external website’s content (page) in the modal?

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Yes, DLH, my goal is to have a button that simply opens and external website for my viewer.

The last three replies to my questions have not shown up in my email. I found them by getting impatient and looking at the website. That function used to work great, but no longer. What might I do to get it back on tract?

It seems you are making this much more complicated than it is. Here’s another screenshot:

If this is not what you want, please provide more detail.

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Not sure what is causing the problem, but if you have an active question then just check back manually (without email prompt). Even the emails are delayed by a decent amount of time, so if you want to see a reply very soon after you post a question, then revisit this page manually.

Thanks. Your suggestion seems like it should be what I’ve looking for, i.e., I’ve felt that my approach is way more complicated than it ought to be.

So I’ve tried what I thought you were telling me to do—see attached. I did not understand what you mean by “add F3 button stack,” so I’ve not done anything that supports that statement. As you can see from my attached button effort that I’ve merely employed a simple button and provided the target URL link in the link section, but it is not yet working.
Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 2.30.23 PM

Your thoughts?

@NeilMike F3 is shorthand for Foundry 3.

When you say “it’s not working” what do you mean? Have you previewed the page and the link doesn’t work? Have you published the page and the link doesn’t work? Or something else.

I tried a button with the link you provided and experienced no problems … so the link address itself is not a problem.

… also as a wildshot … is your button inside something else aside from a generic stack like max-width or spacing? That is, is it inside another stack that might prevent it from working?

Hi Matt. IT WORKS!! YIPEE!! It does not work within RW, but I just posted it, and it works in my URL online:

Thanks, so much. I feel like an idiot bc I never saw that LINK placement within Button, or if I did, I thought it was for internal use only. Anyway, this allows me to finally complete this website and move on to 2-3 more that I need to update from “the old days” pre-Foundry 3.

Thanks, again.

I’m glad you got it working!

However, when you write: “it does not work within RW” do you mean edit mode, or preview mode? Yes, it won’t work in Edit mode, but it should definitely work in Preview mode.

Yes, it previously did not work in either mode in RW. In response to your latest above, I retested it, and it did work in preview, but it was not opening in a separate webpage, which I needed it to do, so I edited both links. Now they both work online opening into new pages, but the preview mode does not work, I suspect it is bc it cannot open into a web page from within RW preview.

Thanks, again, for this terrific help to me.

I’m glad things are now sorted out!

I’m writing this for future readers. if you want the link to open in a new window/tab then it’s not good enough to put in the relevant URL. You also need to click on the Open in New Window option . See screenshot below:

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Yes, good addition to the thread.