List group - Auto Detect Active Page

Hello, I use List group as navigation in an Off-Canvas on my website to be able to jump to different sections (anchors) of the page. I have set #anchor-name as the links and Auto Detect Active Page is activated. However, the list items are not highlighted and do not show which section / anchor I am in. Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong here?

Here is a link to the page (to open Off-Canvas click on “gå till…”):

Thanks for help

Unfortunately the List Group’s Auto Detect Active Page feature is not for detecting anchor links on a page. The feature is to detect the current page.

Ok, so this is not possible, thank you for your quick response.

You could use the Slipstream tool that comes in Foundry 3 for a similar approach, but no the List Group is not designed for that. Its Auto Detect Active Page feature is just for page detection.

I had a look already on Slipstream, but it doesn’t seem that I can “hide” the navigation of Slipstream in an Off Canvas, as I did on my page (see above), right?

No, you can’t do that.