List Group width

I have a List Group stack in a Sticky Content stack. However, the width of the List Group is narrower than the rest of the table row. It’s as if it has padding there. But padding is set to 0…

The Sticky Content Stack has a gray background, so you can see it better. I would like the list items to be the same size as the rest of the table row.

Hey there @dogbone!

Can you post a ZIP file containing your example project file so we as a community can have a look at it for you? (1.4 MB)

After looking at it I now have a better idea of what you were referring to. So in Bootstrap all containers, even fluid ones, have a small amount of padding on them. This is in order to make sure they work in conjunction with other elements. The padding that is set in the Sticky Content stack’s settings affects just the stack’s wrapper, but the inner contents of the stack is in one of these Bootstrap containers, so it is picking up that additional padding. I’ll add it to the list of things to look into. I’ll see if it is possible to address it in the next update.


Would be really nice, if that is possible. Thanks @elixirgraphics

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