List item font size with Paragraph stack different from Base Font


Any analysis or feedback on the issue below would be appreciated, as I’m a little stuck.
I’m getting unexpected behaviour with the font size of list items on my Foundry page. I use bullet points a lot to break up my text, so inconsistent font sizes are an issue. The problem seems linked to the Paragraph stack. I originally thought my footer and menu stacks might be the cause due to conflicting CSS - but it also happens on very simple pages without those stacks and containing just a few lines of text.

Maybe there’s a separate List Item font size setting in the Control Center (or in the paragraph stack settings) but I didn’t see it. Is this a bug or maybe just something I’m missing?

Hopefully the screenshots below help to illustrate the issue.

Sample page in Preview Mode - illustrating inconsistent font sizes.
This page contains:

  1. Control Center stack
  2. Paragraph stack
  3. Text Stack

Live version is here.

This is the same page in Edit Mode.

I don’t think the issue is related to Control Center settings since this is what happens when I remove the Control Center stack:

Andrew Mercer

Note: In hindsight, maybe the problem is down to incorrect use of the Paragraph stack - as I’m using it for multiple paragraphs, and list items don’t use the paragraph tag in HTML. My assumption was that the paragraph stack was the generic text stack intended for use with Foundry.

Should I be using the out-of-the-box Text stack that comes with RW instead?

Happy weekend to you @andrewmercer

Can you send me your project file so I can take a look at it on Monday when I’m back in the office? Send a ZIP file containing your project over to adam at elixirgraphics dot com and I’ll take a look.